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This tutoring service is committed to providing personalized, high-quality lessons to each student. I believe that learning styles differ for each child and that we must cater to these differences in our approach. 

Led by a dedicated teacher with over 7 years of experience in education, BTR Tutoring has the needed tools to develop students' math skills in New Orleans and across the nation.

By choosing BTR Tutoring, you are choosing a tutoring business that cares about the needs of each and every child whom I have the privilege to work with.

Meet the Tutor

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Jaclyn Allen

Owner, Head Tutor, and Instructional Coordinator

Jaclyn is an experienced math teacher and native of New Orleans. She began teaching because she believes that education is the foundation of a healthy, well-functioning society. She believes in utilizing a facilitative approach that makes the learning experience a team activity, rather than a series of right and wrong answers.

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